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Citizen Bullhead octagonal chronograph Ref. 67-9356

This unique octagonal case is a marvel of craftsmanship, merging brushed and polished elements to create a multi-faceted visual masterpiece.

Quick facts

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Brand: Citizen
Model: Bullhead chronograph
Reference: 67-9356
Year: 1980
Case: Stainless steel, 37mm
Caliber: Citizen 8110A, automatic

What about it

The best vintage Citizen to have.

The vintage automatic Citizen chronograph, the Challenge Timer, wears many names - bullhead, Easter rabbit, or Mikey Mouse - owing to its distinct shape. Introduced in 1978, this timepiece reveals its manufacturing year and month on the caseback through its serial number. What sets this bullhead apart from the others is its stunning octagonal shape, radiating personality, masculinity, and refined power that instantly captivates.

Octagonal cases do bring an intriguing allure to timepieces, don't they? The angular, eight-sided design holds a unique charm, standing out amidst the typical round or square cases. There's something inherently captivating about this shape - it adds a touch of sophistication and distinctiveness to any watch it graces. Whether it's the boldness of the edges or the way it catches the light, an octagonal case rarely disappoints in making a statement on the wrist.

The white version of this model exudes its own captivating charm, presenting an elegant and refined aesthetic.

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Citizen bullhead octagonal case

Octagonal case

Its octagonal shape adds unique character, with a lower section gracefully tapering towards the bracelet while the upper part remains flat to accommodate the crown and chronograph pushers. The winding crown, slightly elongated for ease of use due to the distinct case design, bears the "CTZ" insignia. This case design intricately blends brushed and polished finishes: the frontal part is entirely brushed, while the top surface is brushed horizontally. The sides gleam with a mirror-like polish, casting captivating reflections. With a total of 21 visible surfaces (excluding the bezel, crown, and pushers), the interplay of brushed and polished surfaces, along with the multitude of angles, creates a striking and powerful visual impact.

Citizen bullhead chronograph

Flyback chronograph

The movement is the Citizen automatic, 23 jewels, calibre 8110A with hand winding capability. It was produced by Citizen starting from 1972. It is a vertical clutch chronograph (beating at 28.800 bph) with column wheel and flyback function. How many modern chronograph do that, and what is their cost?. Lets don't forget it has a day and date indicator. The flyback function means that you can reset the chronograph while in motion and it will start again without needing to go the entire process of pressing stop-reset-start. So, one push can do all of this. Of course that if you want to stop it you can go the classic stop-reset way.

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Citizen bullhead chronograph
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Availability: rare
Just a few available

Pricing: 700-1,500 €
(Dec 2023)



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