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Zenith Pilot Automatic


1970s / cal 2572PC / 35mm

Pilot has one of the best watch designs ever made in the 1970s. Sharp angles, brushed and polished surfaces. Hi-beat automatic movement.

Zenith AutoSport Luxe


1970s / cal 2562PC / 36mm

AutoSport series featured many dials and cases. Gold plated cusion style case has lovely brushed finishing. Red brings out the gold. Zenith's trademark - date at 4:30.

Zenith El Primero "Cover Girl"


2020 / cal 400 / 37mm

The Zenith Chronomaster Revival "Cover Girl" is a faithful reproduction of the iconic and highly coveted Zenith A3818 from 1971.

Zenith El Primero A3817


1971 / cal 400 / 37mm

This 1971 El Primero has a sporty tonneau-shaped steel case with a legendary tricolour well aged dial. A3817 was produced in just 1,000 pieces.

Zenith LeGant 146HP


1968 / cal 146HP / 38mm

Zenith made made this is 1968 for Montgomery Ward department store (US). Probably ca 100 pcs produced. Zenith has an identical version.

Zenith El Primero Surf


1970s / cal 3019 PHC / 36mm

Early 1970's El Primero has a typical cushion style case for the era. The steel version was produced in 4,000 pcs, gold plated 1,000.

Zenith chronograph


1960s / cal 146HP / 37mm

An elegant 60's timeless design in stainless steel case. Powered by manual-wind column wheel movement. Pure class 60 years later!

Zenith El Primero Pacific


1990 / cal 400 / 40mm

One of the coolest 90s chronographs. The integrated bracelet makes the design perfect. Was made for 2 years in 3,225 pieces.

Zenith Defy


1969 / cal 2552PC / 37mm

An icon from the 1970s - Zenith "Vault" Defy. Comes in a 37mm octagonal case, a 14-sided bezel, and houses incredibly rugged automatic movement.