Zenith El Primero Cover Girl A3818
Omega De Ville 145.018 blue chronograph
Omega Seamaster 145.006 chronograph cal 321 chronograph
Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012-66 modified Mark 2 Grey Racing
Nivada Taravana Exotic racing chronograph


The essence of this website lies in my assortment of the finest vintage watches, each with its unique tale, either from my personal collection or immortalized through my lens. Dive into detailed pages dedicated to each timepiece, offering comprehensive insights and information about every watch featured here.

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Zenith LeGant AH2711 Zenith LeGant AH2711

Zenith LeGant 146HP


Zenith made made this is 1968 for Montgomery Ward department store (US). Probably ca 100 pcs produced. Zenith has an identical version.

Heuer Camaro 7220N Heuer Camaro 7220N

Heuer Camaro


Sporty cushion-shaped Heuer Camaro was introduced in 1968, derived its name from the Chevrolet Camaro. One of the best vintage movements inside - Valjoux 72.

Nivada Taravana Exotic Racing chronograph Nivada Taravana Exotic Racing chronograph

Nivada Taravana "Exotic" (1970s)

No reference nr

"Exotic" racing chronograph by Nivada. These dials were made by Singer in the late 1960's. I believe the first designs were used by Omega Speedmaster. Very rare watch.

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Heuer Camaro 73443 NT Dato

Valjoux 7734

3,995 GBP by "Davidt"

Airain Type 20 chronograph

Valjoux 222

3,100 EUR by "cell1010"

Wakmann Triple-Date Chronograph

Valjoux 723

2,450 EUR by "Mark020"

Omega Speedmaster 145.022-68


6,250 EUR by "Aludic"

Omega 176.002 Speedmaster MK III


2,950 EUR by "flqt-9000"