Various vintage watches

Rolex Oysterquartz Datejust

Ref. 17014

2001 / Rolex 5035 quartz / 36mm

Integrated bracelet, brushed and polished finishes, sharp angles and beveled edges. Available from 1977 to 2001. With Oysterquartz you get a lot of curious questions.

Prototype Paul Newman Valjoux 7765 chronograph

Ref. 500-1

1980s / Valjoux 7765 / 37mm

An intriguing and vibrant blue prototype chronograph, exceptionally rare, hailing from the early 1980s. Were branded as Nivada, LeJour, Dugena. Singer made the dial.

Nivada Taravana "Exotic"

No reference nr

1970s / Valjoux 7736 / 37mm

"Exotic" racing chronograph by Nivada. These dials were made by Singer in the late 1960's. I believe the first designs were used by Omega Speedmaster. Very rare watch.

Baylor "Exotic" chronograph

No reference nr

1970s / Valjoux 7733 / 37mm

Baylor and Duval had both the same design chronograph. Singer dial. Probably few dozens existed. Notice the different text color. Omega's style.

Hamilton Chrono-Matic

Ref. 11002-3

1969 / Heuer cal 11 / 37mm

It marks an early era of automatic chronographs. Sporting a traditional round case with sleek angular lugs, it's paired with a captivating matte blue dial and crisp white-painted hands.

Seiko Grand Seiko 61GS

Ref. 6146-8030

1969 / Seiko 6146A / 36mm

Debuted toward the end of 1967, the 61GS marked Grand Seiko's pioneering entry into automatic watches, boasting the innovative 36000 Hi-Beat movement.

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Assortment of exquisitely captured vintage timepieces from 1950-1980s

Here, I've compiled an assortment of exquisitely captured vintage timepieces - a curated collection stemming from my personal ownership or photographic endeavors spanning the past seven years. Each watch showcased within these images holds its unique story and allure, encapsulating an era and a narrative within its design and craftsmanship.

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