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Heuer chronographRef. 905

Heuer 905 boasts a 40mm case adorned with a captivating fumé dial and pink accents, presenting a striking bi-compax layout. Date at 6 o'clock is an obvious clue for the movement inside - a Valjoux 7734.

Quick facts

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Brand: Heuer
Model: Chronograph
Reference: 905
Year: 1977
Case: Stainless steel, 40mm
Caliber: Valjoux 7734, manual wound

Owner of this watch: Margus

What about it

Reference 905 captures the essence of 1970s watch design at its zenith. Even with the subtle pink accents, this model embraces a more restrained elegance, showcasing a design that stands the test of time with enduring sophistication.

During the 1970s, fumé dials enjoyed widespread popularity, prompting numerous manufacturers catering to the masses to craft a diverse array of models. Similar to the notably rare Stella dials, these "vignette" dials were fashioned through a comparable process. In the case of vignette dials, they underwent lacquering while positioned on a rotating disk. The dial's perimeter would then be treated with a more substantial layer of the central color or an additional black coating.

It's crucial to differentiate between authentic vignette dials and dials that have naturally faded due to aging. Exposure to radium can lead to a gradient effect from the center outward, influenced by the intense luminescence of the hands. In contrast, a genuine vignette dial was originally designed to feature a deliberate gradient right from the factory. A contemporary example is Panerai, which replicates the gradual radium burn effect in their modern faded dials.

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Heuer ref 905 chronograph fume dial
Heuer ref 905 chronograph fume dial
Heuer ref 905 chronograph
Heuer ref 905 chronograph fume dial Heuer ref 905 chronograph on the wrist Heuer ref 905 chronograph beauty shot Heuer ref 905 chronograph beauty shot


Availability: Pretty rare
Few watches on sale

Pricing: 2,500 - 4,000 €
(Feb 2024)



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