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Omega rose gold chronograph Ref. OT2872

From among the myriad exceptional chronographs that Omega masterfully crafted during the 1950s and 1960s, this particular design truly shines with resplendent magnificence.

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Brand: Omega
Model: chronograph 18K
Reference: OT2872, later BB101.002
Year: 1959
Case: 18K rose gold, 35mm
Caliber: Omega 320, manual wound

What about it

These two-register chronographs possess an exquisite symmetry and, when executed with such skillful precision, become veritable works of art that transcend time itself.

This reference 2872 serves as a pristine exemplar of a vintage timepiece that effortlessly complements any occasion. Absent gaskets, the rectangular pushers allow the surroundings unhindered access to the case, a factor that has unfortunately led to the observation of damaged dials in several of these watches. Additionally, on occasion, the hands themselves bear the weighty evidence of oxidation. This gorgeous dress chronograph boasts a delicate case diameter of 35 mm, rendering it beautifully slender and imparting an elegant allure to the wrist. Amongst Omega's remarkable repertoire of chronographs, this particular model truly radiates. Obtaining one in admirable condition is a challenge well worth undertaking.

In ca 1962 Omega changed subregisters track design to the wider rim layout. Earlier models had thinner rim.

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Omega caliber 320 movement ref 2872

Omega caliber 320

The Lemania 2310 movement, which serves as the foundation for the Omega caliber 320, was first introduced to the market in 1942. The collaboration between Lemania and Omega resulted in the creation of the caliber 321, a three-register version. Unlike its counterpart, the caliber 320 lacks an hour totalizer. Its compact size of 27mm allows for its utilization in smaller chronographs measuring under 35mm. The durability, effectiveness, and visual allure of this movement have played a significant role in establishing the Lemania 2310 as one of the most significant chronograph calibers in the history of watchmaking.


Omega rose gold 2872 chronograph

A brushed dial with gold coffin markers

In Calatrava-style cases, the side lugs seamlessly blend with the case, creating a unified design. Despite its compact size, this watch has a lug width of 20mm! The dial showcases a distinct step, with the tachymeter positioned on the chapter ring surrounding the inner dial. The vertical brushing on the dial adds a touch of versatility, as it alters the watch's appearance based on lighting and viewing angles. The applied hour indexes are adorned with one-of-a-kind multi-faceted coffin-style gold markers, giving the watch a unique charm.

Omega caliber 320 dial ref 2872
Omega caliber 320 ref 2872 Omega caliber 320 ref 2872 Omega caliber 320 ref 2872 Omega caliber 320 ref 2872



Availability: Very rare
Few watches on sale

Pricing: 4,000 - 8,000 €
(Dec 2023)



I don't recall any articles about this Omega OT2872 chronograph, and there might not be any about an Omega cal 320 chronographs either. So, maybe this article from Revolution Magazine about the history of the movement (Lemania) will suffice.

The Best There Ever Was — Omega Calibre 321


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