Omega Seamaster 145.006 chronograph cal 321 chronograph

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Omega Seamaster chronographRef. 145.006-66

In 1966, if you stepped into an Omega store seeking a modern black sporty chronograph, your options were essentially the Speedmaster or this particular model. Other chronographs of the time tended to sport a more classic aesthetic.

Quick facts

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Brand: Omega
Model: Seamaster
Reference: 145.006
Year: 1966
Case: Stainless steel, 38mm
Caliber: Omega 321, manual wound

What about it

What sets it apart are the striking radial subdials and the vibrant orange chronograph hand, giving it a unique edge among its peers.

The Omega Seamaster line traces its origins back to 1947, boasting an extensive array of models. Transitioning towards a more sporty design language in the late 1960s, Omega refrained from utilizing colorful dials on their cushion-type chronographs until the early 1970s. Models like the 145.029 or 145.020, emerging in the early 1970s, notably featured more relaxed and creative dials.

To add a touch of "racing", the Seamaster was adorned with a vivid orange chronograph seconds hand across three variations: black, silver, and reverse panda. The 18k gold variant uniquely featured a black hand. Additionally, an incredibly rare exotic racing variation, almost at a prototype level, boasted a white hand—distinctive as the hour and minute hands were red.

And from 1966-1968 this reference still featured good old caliber 321. We all love it!

Note: These variations with black dials are still significantly undervalued. You can find quite decent ones priced around 3000 EUR!"

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Seamaster 145.006
6 variations

Stainless steel case

  • Silver radial dial
  • Black radial dial (observed variations : Tachymètre / Pulsomètre 30)
  • Reverse panda radial dial (observed variations : Applied Ω logo / Painted Ω logo)
  • Exotic dial

Solid yellow gold case

  • Yellow gold radial dial
  • Silver soleil radial dial with gold applied logo and indexes
Omega Seamaster 145.006
Omega Seamaster 145.006
Omega Seamaster 145.006 chronograph

Caliber 321

The Lemania 2310 movement, which serves as the foundation for the Omega caliber 320, was first introduced to the market in 1942. The collaboration between Lemania and Omega resulted in the creation of the caliber 321, a three-register version. Its compact size of 27mm allows for its utilization in smaller chronographs measuring under 35mm. The durability, effectiveness, and visual allure of this movement have played a significant role in establishing the Lemania 2310 as one of the most significant chronograph calibers in the history of watchmaking.

In recent years Omega started using 321 again in their limited edition Speedmasters.


Omega Seamaster 145.006 chronograph
Omega Seamaster 145.006 chronograph Omega Seamaster 145.006 chronograph Omega Seamaster 145.006 chronograph Omega Seamaster 145.006 chronograph



Availability: Average
Ca 10-15 watches on sale

Pricing: 3,000 - 6,000 €
(Dec 2023)



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