Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012-66 modified Mark 2 Grey Racing


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Omega Speedmaster Professional
'Racing Mod'Ref. 105.012-66 CB & 145.014

Clearly, this Speedmaster features a Mark II dial and hands, setting it apart from the traditional 105.012. Yes, it's franken / modified and purists hate it.

Quick facts

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Brand: Omega
Model: Speedmaster Professional "Modified" Grey Racing homage
Reference: 105.012-66 CB / 145.014
Year: 1966 / 1970
Case: Stainless steel, 42mm
Caliber: Omega 861, manual wound

What about it

Vintage chronogaphs with "racing" dials are exotic, rare, and unavailable for the most of us.

The original 145.022-69 "Grey Racing" is very expensive and hard to find. Fortunately we can do a homage using Omega's parts. Normally collectors call that sort of a watch a frankenwatch (bad & ugly) - a timepiece cobbled together from various components. In this case put together using vintage Omega parts, except for a few things. Whether using newer service or vintage parts, there's no judgment here - do what you like; it's all about enjoying the process and the experience!

It all began with the Mark II - a donor Speedmaster featuring the dial, hands, and movement. I had a 105.012-66 CB case lying around, but it lacked a bezel. Found a nice aftermarket DON90. To complete the assembly, I needed a 145.022 movement holding ring, pushers, crown, and a case back. Since I didn't possess the original case back, I acquired a sapphire display back from eBay. Additionally, a new Original black ring crystal was part of the modifications. The swap itself wasn't too challenging; I managed most of it on my own. However, adjusting the crown stem to the correct length eluded me, so I entrusted the watch to a local watchmaker. A few days later, voilà! My personal "Grey Racing" Speedmaster was proudly on my wrist.

And remember - try to keep the budget low!

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145.022-68 Grey Racing

In the late 1960's, Omega introduced the Speedmaster Mark II Racing. That's the one we all know and it was in the regular collection of Omega in the late 1960's and early 1970's. A bit more vague is the production of these Omega Speedmaster Racing 145.022-68 and similar models from those days. We know that there are roughly three different versions:

  • Black dial, red/white hour markers, metal applied Ω logo (105.003, 145.012)
  • Black dial, orange/white hour markers, white Ω logo (145.012-67, 145.012-68)
  • Grey dial, orange/white (separated) hour markers, orange Ω logo (145.022)

Ca 50 Grey Racings were made.

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Omega Speedmaster 105012-66 custom modded

Exotic racing dials

Singer, renowned for dial production, crafted these dials in the late 1960s, exhibiting minor design variations. Omega prominently featured these dials on Speedmaster and Seamaster models (145.006/016). Additionally, smaller brands such as Duval, Nivada, Baylor, Glycine, Gigandet, and Mathey-Tissot also incorporated these dials. The Racing dials feature vibrant, contrasting colors along the outer track, believed to optimize the chronograph's readability, particularly for quick glances. Complementing this design, the hands often adopt a vivid red-orange hue, frequently extending to the running seconds hand, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Interestingly, despite its distinctive look, this particular style didn't gain widespread popularity.

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Exotic dial chronographs and Speedmaster
Omega Speedmaster 105012-66 custom modded Mark 2 dial Omega Speedmaster 105012-66 custom modded Mark 2 dial Omega Speedmaster 105012-66 custom modded Mark 2 dial Omega Speedmaster 105012-66 custom modded Mark 2 dial


Availability: nothing
(modified version that is)

Pricing: 6,000+ €
(Grey Racing 100k USD)




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