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Zenith El Primero Pacific
Ref. 59.0010.400

During the challenging landscape of the 1980s, Zenith began its resurgence, and it was during this period that the brand introduced the new El Primero Caliber 400, showcasing this particular design.

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Brand: Zenith
Model: El Primero Pacific
Reference: 59.0010.400
Year: 1990
Case: Stainless steel, 40 mm
Caliber: Zenith 400, automatic

Owner of this watch: Margus

What about it

Zenith Pacific represents a glorious embodiment of late '80s and early '90s style.

The Pacific El Primero, a pinnacle of 1980s design, enjoyed a production run spanning from 1989 to 1991, with Zenith crafting a limited series of 3,225 pieces. Its stainless steel case, complemented by an integrated bracelet bearing the engraved 'Zenith Pacific' insignia on two links, defines its unique appearance. The watch garners attention with its striking gold dots embellishing the bezel and bracelet, often eliciting a polarized response. However, beyond this distinctive feature lies a meticulously crafted black dial adorned with elegant gold accents. The watch embodies a harmonious blend of balance and sophistication, a testament to the bold design ethos of that era.

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El Primero cal 400 movement

El Primero movement

The El Primero movement stands as an iconic achievement, boasting over 50 years of continuous production. Its inception in 1969 marked the culmination of seven dedicated years by Zenith's craftsmen, driven to craft the inaugural fully integrated automatic chronograph movement. While the easier path would have involved appending a module to a base movement, Zenith pursued a more ambitious vision, laden with additional requisites, thereby intensifying the project's complexity. Foremost among these demands was the pursuit of an elevated beat frequency within the calibre, enabling the chronograph function to impeccably measure time down to 1/10th of a second.

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Zenith El Primero Pacific

Golden dots

The Pacific's defining characteristic lies in its striking use of gold dots, ornamenting the bezel, dial, and bracelet, evoking a style reminiscent of the iconic Movado Museum Watch. Interestingly, Zenith played a part in producing the Museum Watch during the 1970s. The 'Golden Dot' models of the Pacific succeeded the Modern Art line, presenting a sportier lineup of timepieces. Among these, the Pacific chronograph not only distinguishes itself as one of the most dynamic but also as one of the most aesthetically captivating watches.

Zenith El Primero Pacific dial
Zenith El Primero Pacific Zenith El Primero Pacific Zenith El Primero Pacific Zenith El Primero Pacific


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