Baylor Exotic Racing chronograph

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Baylor Exotic Racing chronograph Ref. none given

"Exotic" racing chronograph by Baylor, dial made by Singer. The same dial in the same case was used by Duval. Rare pieces.

Quick facts

Baylor was a house brand for Zale's, USA.

Brand: Baylor
Model: N/A "Exotic Racing"
Reference: N/A
Year: 1970's
Case: Stainless steel, 37mm
Caliber: Valjoux 7733, manual wound

What about it

During the 1960s, chronographs served a practical purpose - to calculate average speed. The addition of the checkered flag was intended to enhance their practicality and functionality.

For me, the 1960s marked the zenith of chronograph design. Singer, during the late 60s, manufactured these distinctive black dials offered to various watchmakers. Considering the limited production runs at that time, these watches were crafted in very small batches, often just a few dozen units, resulting in their rarity today. Utilized by multiple brands, these dials were featured in both three and two-register layouts. What truly sets these timepieces apart, in my view, is the 'checkered flag' circle encompassing the dial. The hour markers, rendered in two colors - red and yellow - add to their uniqueness. Additionally, the chronograph seconds hand commonly appears in red. Most of these dials lacked luminescent material, with only 'Swiss Made' inscription positioned at 6 o'clock.

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Baylor Exotic Racing chronograph

Baylor who?

Baylor was a house brand for Zale's, a large chain of jewelry stores headquartered in Texas, USA. The company was founded in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1924. The Baylor line of watches offered by Zale's included a variety of sports and dress watches (1950s-1960s), Heuer produced watches under the Baylor name, usually co-branded with both the Heuer and Baylor names. Most Baylor-Heuer watches on the market are triple calendar watches or simple three-hand watches, although we do see some Baylor chronographs that were made by Heuer. Collectors should note that there are many Baylor watches and chronographs that do not appear to have been produced by Heuer. And like with many similar brands, its glory days came to an end with the conclusion of the quartz crisis.

Resource: Onthedash

Baylor Exotic Racing chronograph

Exotic racing dials

Singer, renowned for dial production, crafted these dials in the late 1960s, exhibiting minor design variations. Omega prominently featured these dials on Speedmaster and Seamaster models (145.006/016). Additionally, smaller brands such as Duval, Nivada, Baylor, Glycine, Gigandet, and Mathey-Tissot also incorporated these dials. The Racing dials feature vibrant, contrasting colors along the outer track, believed to optimize the chronograph's readability, particularly for quick glances. Complementing this design, the hands often adopt a vivid red-orange hue, frequently extending to the running seconds hand, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Interestingly, despite its distinctive look, this particular style didn't gain widespread popularity.

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Baylor Exotic Racing chronograph
Baylor Exotic racing chronograph Baylor Exotic racing chronograph Baylor Exotic racing chronograph Baylor Exotic racing chronograph


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